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    Dear children, keep yourselves from idols. 1 John 5:21

    Gracious Father, this final admonition in Johnís first epistle lands on my heart with power. Idolatry is everywhere because thereís no such thing as a non-worshipper. Worship is the most defining category in the whole of life. Whoever or whatever reigns in our heart determines the whole course of our lives.

    In Rome I touched statues of gods which filled the temples and lifestyle of that great ancient city. In London, I walked from station to station in a huge Hindu temple, as worshippers offered prayers and gifts to deities that looked so strange to me. In Israel, I studied decaying remains of idols which competed for the worship of the people of God. But for me to obey Johnís command to keep myself from idols requires so much more than simply staying away from ancient sites, pagan temples and man-made idols. ...
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