My name is Madeline Thompson with Harvest Sound Ministry and I would like to tell about Thunder School.

Thunder School is a 3 month school started by Scott MacLeod, author of Snakes in the Lobby, that is raising up young people to use their creative gifts for the End Harvest to win souls for the Lord. I just graduated from the school myself, and recently moved from California to work with Harvest Sound and support their ministry because of how amazing my experience was at the school and how Jesus really captured my heart.

I feel that the Christian Media scene sometimes uses the name Jesus to capture the Christian communities attention and give themselves a name as an artist. I can say that because I used to do this all the time with my music... Instead where at Thunder School we really work on serving others and learning how to bring down heaven on earth with the creative gifts Jesus has given us, and if the Lord ever establishes a platform for us as artists that we would be so grounded in Him that we wouldn't be persuaded by "fame or fortune".

For more info, please check out this video or visit our WEBSITE.